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Date: Tuesday August 28th from 12.30 p.m. to 1.45 p.m.
Room 3 - Upper Floor at Spadolini Pavilion
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Sciex Lunch Symposium, Tuesday August 28th, 12.30-1.45 pm:

“Innovation helps us understand the human body: from metabolomics to antidoping analysis”

“Agenda SCIEX Seminar at IMSC 2018 - 28.08.2018 (12:30 - 13:45)”

12:30-12:35 Welcome

12:35: 12:55 The Combination of Data Independent Acquisition, Ion Mobility and Electron-Based dissociation in Metabolomics
  • Why Data Independent Acquisition (SWATH® Acquisition) is key to collect all information in a single LC run
  • Why high quality MS/MS libraries are needed
  • Why Modifier assisted Differential Ion Mobility helps as an additional separation dimension to LC
  • How Electron-Based dissociation offers alternative fragmentation pattern to CID

Speaker: Professor Gérard Hopfgartner / Head to Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry Group, Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry University of Geneva.

12:55-13:15 Endogenous Small Molecule Biomarkers for Renal and Hepatic Drug Transporters: UHPLC-HRMS Approaches and Applications in First-in-Human Clinical Studies
  • Drug transporters present in human liver and kidney play a fundamental role in DMPK/ADME of drugs and they are presently studied using probe drugs
  • The use of endogenous biomarkers will minimize the need to dose probe drugs in clinical trials
  • Identification, qualification and validation of endogenous biomarkers for renal and hepatic transporters will be discussed
  • Importance of developing very sensitive and selective UHPLC-HRMS bioanalytical methods to quantify endogenous biomarkers will be discussed

Speaker: Ragu Ramanathan / Ph.D., Pfizer World Wide Research & Development

13:15-13:35 Recent Developments in Antidoping Analysis
  • Evolution of doping substances and methods in the last 50 years (1968-2018)
  • Parallel improvement of the efficacy of anti-doping strategies and the role of the accredited laboratories
  • Expanding role of mass spectrometric based techniques in anti-doping analysis
  • Future perspectives

Speaker: Prof. Francesco Botrè / Department of Experimental Medicine "Sapienza" University of Rome and Laboratorio Antidoping FMSI Largo Giulio Onesti

13:35-13:45 Q&A Session

We would like to invite you to our Networking Reception, Wednesday 29th of August.

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