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Thomson Medal Award
The Thomson Medals are named after Sir J.J. Thomson who was responsible for the first mass spectrograph and its resulting data more than 100 years ago. He also predicted many features of modern mass spectrometry. Thomson discovered the electron using mass spectrometry and won the Nobel Prize in 1906 for his research.

The Medals are sponsored by the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation (IMSF) and were first awarded in 1985. The previous winners are:

  • 2016: M. N. Eberlin, S. McLuckey
  • 2014: C. V. Robinson, R. Zenobi
  • 2012: R. Aebersold, A. Makarov, F. Tureček
  • 2009: C. E. Costello, C. C. Fenselau and P. Roepstorff
  • 2006: J. H. Bowie, M. L. Gross and M. Karas
  • 2003: R. M. Caprioli, F. Hillenkamp and V. L. Talrose
  • 2000: J. B. Fenn, D. F. Hunt and A. G. Marshall
  • 1997: M. T. Bowers, D. E. Games and J. F. J. Todd
  • 1994: C. Brunnée, C. Djerassi and H. Schwarz
  • 1991: K. Biemann, H. Matsuda and N. M. M. Nibbering
  • 1985: J. H. Beynon, R. G. Cooks, K. R. Jennings, F. W. McLafferty and A. O. C. Nier

2018 Thomson Medal Award

Deadline for nominations for both the Thomson Medal and Curt Brunnee award extended until January 15th 2018.

Last update: 20/08/2018

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