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The Division of Mass Spectrometry (DSM) is one of the twelve divisions of the Italian Chemical Society.

It has a long history: founded in 1972 as the "Group of Mass Spectrometry", became Division in 1984. "The Division aims to bring together experts in mass spectrometry, favoring the spread and strengthening of science, technology and education of this discipline through publications, conferences, courses, workshops and other initiatives, also in collaboration with other organizations in the same sector or in related sectors"( Art. 1 of the Regulations). The Division of Mass Spectrometry has a President and an Executive Board who remain in charge for three years, and a representative in the young group of the Italian Chemical Society.

The DSM, strong of a tradition deeply rooted and projected into the future and innovation, promotes, strengthens and spreads the Culture of Mass Spectrometry with expertise and independence through fair, efficient, profitable partnerships with public and private entities in compliance, synergy and sharing common objectives.

The Division of Mass Spectrometry has as its priorities four main areas in which to project, promote and implement its own activity and action:

  1. EDUCATION: schools, courses, seminars, workshops.
  2. UPDATING science with great attention to technological, methodological, instrumental.
  3. IN ITALY and INTERNATIONALLY in collaboration with public and private research institutions.
  4. CARE OF YOUNG SCIENTISTS: great attention to young people through the institution of theoretical and practical courses, awards and scholarships.

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Last update: 20/08/2018

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