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Date: Monday August 27th from 12.30 p.m. to 1.45 p.m.
Room 4 - Upper Floor at Spadolini Pavilion
Title: - Introduction of new JEOL mass instruments and update on recent application results.
Contact person: Bob Hertsens

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Introducing new JEOL instruments and new features on existing instruments.
Developers from JEOL Ltd will be presenting their recent work and show field of application.

Title 1: New workflow to identify unknown compounds using brand-new GC-TOFMS system "AccuTOF GCx-plus" with the unique data reduction software "msFineAnalysis".

Presenter: Yoshihisa Ueda
Summary: High MS resolution GC-TOFMS system is one of the powerful tool to identify unknown chemical compounds. However EI ionization which is most popular ionization method used in GC-MS has difficulty to obtain the molecular information due to its extensive fragmentation. By contrast, the soft ionization method such as CI, FI or PI can obtain molecular information relatively more easily than EI. New work-flow to identify unknown chemicals using "AccuTOF GCx-plus" which can apply both of EI and the soft ionization(CI, FI or PI) is introduced in this seminar.

Title 2: Introduction of brand-new GC-Triple Quadrupole MS system "JMS-TQ4000GC"

Presenter: Junkei Kou
Summary: The new GC-Triple Quadropole MS sysemt "JMS-TQ4000GC" which includes "Short collision cell" technology patented by JEOL is in market this month from JEOL. Besides the new technologies, several application data acquired by JMS-TQ4000GC are also presented in this seminar.

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